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This is not a pornographic website; the images contained within the pages of this site have been created with the sole intention of portraying the nude body as art....

There is an unbelievably wide spectrum between beautiful expressions of the nude human form and the portrayal of explicit sexual acts. Those that have not been exposed to different levels of nude art, will often find they cannot discern between them, the result is the categorisation of all nudity as indelicate and exploitative. Exhibiting the nude figure as 'art' is oddly regarded as vulgar and distasteful in many modern cultures/societies. This is a rather peculiar development, considering that since human history began, the beauty of the nude form - has been a source of inspiration for many renowned artists of all genres! Forcibly suppressing access to nudity can never achieve anything, except to stunt minds and prevent us from learning crucial lessons about art, taste and personal perception.

Differentiating between levels of erotica, art nude, and pornography is a important part of artistic culture that should be learnt, not swept under the carpet and ignored. Those narrow-minded enough to believe that nudity in its purest form should be hidden from minors often do not possess the capabilities to discern between artistic expression and crass exploitation, nor do they understand the innocent eyes through which children see. We are not born with a irrational fear of the nude body, it is something that has been wrongfully ingrained into us by society: Objections to our own skin is ridiculously irrational, body shame is not natural - nudity is. Welcome to Image of Muse I hope you enjoy your visit!

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